Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tiny Joys: the jump rope section from Quiz Hexagon II

This year, this candy-floss of a quiz show has had a bit of an overhaul. A few new ideas have been brought in and, interestingly, a few of the people who always scored lowest have started to get higher marks. Have they been studying?

One of the new games for this season is one where all six members in a team have to answer general knowledge questions while skipping. They start one at a time, and if they answer a question they keep skipping. If not, they have to get out and try again. The idea of the game is to get all six skipping at the same time.

Apart from being funny, even if you understand no Japanese, I’m pleased by its balanced structure. The more intelligent ones are the ones who are least fit, so should go last (that way they don’t spend too much time skipping). But the less intelligent team members are more likely to get the question wrong and have to start again while the others keep going. Either way, the smarter you are the longer you’re likely to be jumping up and down on the spot.

This one is a particular favourite of mine, but frankly, they’re all good.

You can find more episodes of Quiz Hexagon II by looking through doughnutandcoffee’s videos on Daily Motion.

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