Monday, 19 April 2010

Currently watching: The Queen’s Classroom

Downloaded on a whim, I’ve found myself quite entertained by this series (also known as Jyoou no Kyoushitsu) set during the last year of elementary school in a class lead by a manipulative, mean teacher (an inch perfect performance by Amami Yuki, also seen recently in Boss). By awarding favours to students who do well, and punishing those who don’t, she creates divisions and mistrust between the haves and have-nots and the story could potentially be the basis of some in-depth musing on society. Except that it’s played for laughs. And tears.

Since I’ve already watched Seigi no Mikata, it was a bit weird to see a younger Shida Mirai playing what is essentially the same down-trodden yet plucky character as she did in Seigi no Mikata. It felt a lot like a prequel in some ways. Which is no bad thing.

Perhaps the most interesting part is during the credits at the end when, as if the producers were worried that Amami Yuki's coldly perfect performance as the evil teacher might make viewers think she really is like that, she comes out of character, bows in gratitude to the crew while walking from the set and before you know it, she’s doing a happy dance in the playground! Almost entirely unnecessary, but then again… why not?


  1. I'm really interested to watch this drama since a long time a go.
    can u tell me where u download it? it's hard to get this series cz it's quiet old.

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