Saturday, 12 June 2010

England versus USA: Keith and the Girl

This US podcast kept me sane. Living in Italy, split from my girlfriend, but giving it one more year to see if it was worth my while staying in the country, this irreverent, occasionally offensive podcast was my main source of information on the English-speaking world. One of my abiding memories of that period in my life is walking around the south of Turin at five o'clock in the morning looking for an ATM while I listened to Keith tell Patrice and Chemda about how many abortions his ex-girlfriends had ha. (Two, for the record.)

Since then, it's helped me stay relatively up-to-date with it's mix of showbiz gossip (most Thursdays with Patrice) and current affairs (kind of) and comedy. It's lazy of me, but it's kind of useful to have as a sort of repository of all the things I ought to know if I was up to speed on the internet.

Recently, when Keith and Chemda announced that they were no longer a couple, I was quite surprised how much it effected me. I was in an odd mood for the rest of the evening, and the next day at work, I was quite frustrated that there was no one else to talk to about it. Although when someone asked how I was, I was tempted to say how I was sad that a couple I knew had split up, but I was worried that they may press the issue and sooner or later I'd have to admit I'd never actually met this couple... But it still upset me.

Such is the effect the show has on me. It makes me laugh and, on occasion, it makes me cry. It still hasn't made me breakfast, but I live in hope.

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