Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Currently watching: Vs Arashi

I think the correct phrase is "fashionably late". I've seen this show talked about on forums for about a year and I always thought "Hmm, that looks interesting. I should try it" but I never did until quite recently. And I do feel a bit silly for not trying it earlier.

It continues in the style of brightly-coloured games that Japanese TV seems to live on, and it does it very well. Teams of celebrities, usually promoting a new drama, come on and challenge the boy-band Arashi in a series of games. From what I've seen, Arashi usually win, but that could be because they've been doing this for a while.The games are so easy to follow that the language barrier isn't important at all, and some of them are actually pretty exciting – my favourite being either the curling one, or Giant Crash (in which the floor supporting a large robot-thing is slowly removed until it falls over).

As a piece of shiny entertainment, it's hard to beat. The boys in the band all seem good humoured, friendly and fun to be with. Mind you, if I had access to a climbing wall and a plastic giant, I'd be fun to be with too.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can get a toy size one of these robots. I am looking for the Arashi robot :-)