Monday, 28 February 2011

Just watched: G@me

I'm not sure why there's an “at” sign in the title. The film doesn't have much to do with the internet.

This film is a mystery from the pen of Keigo Higashino, writer of Galileo and Shinzanmono. The story concerns a frustrated advertising executive whose ideas keep being rejected by his boss. After a chance meeting between himself and the boss's unhappy daughter, they think of a plan to stage a fake kidnapping in order to extort money from him. All goes according to plan, when a twist halfway through the film changes everything, and it becomes a case of who is manipulating who.

It stars Nakama Yukie (Trick, Untouchable) and Fujiki Naohito (Hotaru no Hikari, Control) who are both fine in their roles. The script is clever and fast-moving, and although the film never builds up much tension, it's definitely a compelling story that should keep you watching to the end.

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