Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Currently reading: Make Believe Melodies

I found the blog Make Believe Melodies after a long, meandering journey through various websites clicking links as they caught my eye. It started at Sparkplugged and their entry on the excellent new single by YeYe. I can’t remember what I did after that but it certainly involved watching Asobi Seksu videos on YouTube. But that’s not important.

What is important is I’ve found somewhere new to get news about Japanese music which is up-to-date and well-written. Make Believe Melodies covers everything from pop to indie to experimental electro odd-ness which makes it very useful.

Also, tucked away on the twitter feed on the right is a link to a page that links to a page about new indie bands which is all in Japanese, but has plenty of links to Soundcloud and Bandcamp audio clips so you can quickly get an idea of what they’re writing about.

Mmmm... Soundcloud and Bandcamp clips. It’s the new embedded video!


  1. hahahaha, I also read Make Believe Melodies. I think I left a comment in one or two posts before xD, but the guy never responds so I just read and check some of the links.

    He got in big trouble when he talked about Kpop against Jpop xD

  2. I never got to the post where he talks about k-pop and j-pop, since I didn't read back that far. But as a source it seems very useful.

  3. It's a great source with a lot of variety.