Saturday, 28 January 2012

Currently watching: Lucky Seven

This series is based around a private detective company that hires one of the people it was previously investigating, impressed by his ability to find out who was investigating him. He joins, even though one of the other detectives doesn't like him. And so begins a difficult relationship between two detectives as they solve various cases.

This does not sound like a very original idea but so far this show has been much better than I was expecting. For a start, they don't actually have to solve the cases. They follow their client's instructions, and then they do a little bit more but then hand it over to the police. This is, at least, realistic and it keeps the story focused on the exciting undercover work. There's not much of that tedious explaining of who did what to who and why.

The directing style is very nice, fast-paced but not too showy. Plus, there are some pretty impressive fight scenes. Nothing like Ong Bak, but certainly the best I've seen in a J-drama, and definitely to a standard that any western TV series can only dream of.

And if that wasn't enough, it has Naka Riisa and Tanihara Shosuke in it, and they've always had decent taste in dramas before so perhaps my early optimism will be rewarded.

But most of all, it has Eita in it. You couldn't ask for a more different role than Soredemo Ikite Yuku, but he seems just as perfect for this role too. This time he has a physical presence that demands your attention. The way he runs, sits down, or looks round a concrete pillar is all in character and everything draws you towards him. His co-star, Matsumoto Jun, is in danger of being acted off the screen, but saves himself with a cocky, assured performance.

There are still things that can go wrong, of course. The whole premise is weak: detectives who don't get on. There's a danger that they'll grow to respect and like each other, and so some of the spark will go. But before that happens, sit back and enjoy the look of the show, the fight scenes, and the performances.


  1. This is just an observation... but you watch a lot of detective shows. hahaha

  2. I do. I always think "I won't bother with this one," but then I see that it's been subbed and so I think "oh, go on, then."