Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Currently watching: Nakuna, Hara-chan

In this series, a cartoon character comes to life, bringing all kinds of havoc to the woman who created him.

It stars Aso Kumiko as the depressed writer/artist in a dead end job who vents her frustration every evening by writing a manga in a note book where five people sit in a bar and argue. Then one day, due to a series of remarkable coincidences, one of these characters is brought to life.

Nagase Tomoya is a lot of fun to watch in the role of Hara-chan. He seems very well suited to these kinds of roles: big, burly, over-emotional and stupid men. And this time, his character is extremely dumb. He knows nothing of the world. He is baffled by the concept of money, frightened of cars and generally blunders into situations with little thought for the consequences. This make him entertaining, and the show is certainly funny as he over-reacts to the slightest thing.

Meanwhile, Kumiko Aso is the meek, downtrodden, manga artist who almost had a career once. She is the focus of Hara-chan's affection and she has no idea why. She is in turns baffled and appalled by this brute crashing into her life, but starts to accept him by the end of the second episode.

Unfortunately there are no subs. Or at least, you can only get the subs if you're a member of LiveJournal so I'm watching this with no English. Luckily, Hara-chan spends so much time asking for explanations that it's quite easy to follow.

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  1. Really would like to watch this, but impossible for me without subs : ( Might check LiveJournal for it : )