Friday, 18 October 2013

Currently watching: Ando Lloyd

I was going to start off with a joke: Why are Kimura Takuya and this drama so perfect together? Because they’re both good looking but a bit stupid. Trouble is, I’ve no idea how stupid (or clever) Kimura Takuya actually is. I'm not entirely sure how stupid this drama is either, but more about that later.

It starts well. Almost brilliantly. Kimura Takuya plays Matsushima Reiji, an eccentric genius scientist, and his performance made the whole program feel like a sequel to Mr Brain. The story revolves around a “homicide calendar”: a list of people who will die on a particular date and time. We are now down to the last two: Matsushima and his fiance Ando Asahi, played by Shibasaki Kuo.

Unfortunately, Reiji doesn't make it much further than the half hour mark, and after that a mysterious android who looks identical to Reiji appears with orders to protect Ando Asahi from evil robots from the future. Meanwhile, there's a veteran detective who's on the trail of these murders and he suspects something very weird is going on.

On the plus side, it looks very nice and the acting is all pretty good. The trouble is that there's an awful lot of storyline packed into one episode, and it seems quite rushed. At the moment, none of the “rules” of time travel have been established. We don't know what these robots can or can't do, which means the story relies on “with one bound he was free” type devices to get our heroes out of any danger.

How this progresses remains to be seen. I suspect it will become a sort of Zettai Kareshi, and over time the android will slowly be taught human emotions. Except with more fight scenes. And fewer cakes.

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