Friday, 28 February 2014

Recommended: The Genius

“If crack cocaine was made out of numbers.” That’s the kind of effect this show had on me. Since I discovered it two months ago, I’ve watched both series in an overdose of tense gaming fun. A horror movie can use blood and gore to make me nervous and force me to peep between my fingers, but this show had exactly the same effect using only the turn of a card.

While watching the final episode, I sat away from my computer, afraid that if I jogged the table I might move the mouse which would bring up the video player’s controls, showing how long was left before the end. This would give me a big clue as to who the final winner would be. This would have been unforgivable. And I put my phone on silent, went to the toilet beforehand and made sure I had enough to drink. Nothing was going to interrupt this.

It was the climax of several months of alliances and treachery, as people with different skills went into battle every week. Those who were skilled at mathematics and probabilities had to outwit those who were more socially gifted, able to build a team that would see them safely through to the next round.

Huge thanks to subber Bumdidlyumptious who kept releasing the subs so promptly. Now I have to face the world without my weekly fix. I can cheer myself up with the fact that they ended with “See you next time” and also that there was only four months’ gap between series one and two.

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