Saturday, 31 May 2014

Great Korean songs with hardly any views on YouTube

Well, I’ve been rushed off my feet this month. I’ve been making a short film for once, instead of writing about them (you can see a teaser for it here) and it’s taken up a lot of time and energy.

Anyway, with the news that Psy’s song Gangnam Style has hit 2 billion views on YouTube, I decided to write a quick post about Korean songs that I adore, but that have got barely any attention at all.

First up is Lee Geun Jung with this video, posted on April 2012 and it has only 365 views so far. It’s a quiet acoustic ballad. It’s only three minutes long, and just as you think it’s reaching a crescendo, it drifts back into melancholy at the end.

In October 2012, this video by Park So Yun was posted and, to date, it’s had just 115 views. Fly High is an upbeat number, with exactly the kind of chorus you’d expect a song called “Fly High” to have. Don't know why I can't embed it, but never mind. Click on the link! It's worth it.

Next is from February of this year. Han Chae Yoon’s song is a delicate tune that skips along with a smile in its heart. It’s charming childlike qualities have picked up 617 views to date, though.

The last one is a bit of a cheat, since it’s only been up for two months. But in that time, it’s only got ten views. It’s from Nine9 (lead singer with the quite excellent Dear Cloud) and it’s a typically uplifting piece of stadium pop.

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