Saturday, 13 September 2014

Just finished: Zero no Shinjitsu

Sometimes I don't understand myself. Why, out of all the dramas this season, did I stick with this until the end? I do not know. The cast were good, but the characters never really worked together very well, despite the occasional mention that some of them dated in the past.

The stories were nothing special, although I will say that I didn't guess the ending of the main story arc: who killed Matsumoto Mao's mother. So, hats off to the writers for that, at least.

Finally, there was the issue of the subtitles. I often found myself rewriting them as I went, replacing the bizarre translations with what I thought they actually said. Certainly, I'm grateful that any series gets subbed, but often the strange English undermined some pretty important scenes.

All in all, it was okay, but it made no lasting impact at all. After I post this review, I'm deleting it from my hard drive, and I don't expect I'll ever think about it again.

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