Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Just finished: Subete ga F ni naru

So I made it to the end of this, always expecting it to suddenly get better but it didn’t. It remained sort of average right until the closing credits. The final crime to solve was perhaps the weakest of the series, since it relied on too many occasions where what the viewer was shown never actually happened.

In terms of acting, I can’t say that Takei Emi really suited the role. Especially, she was a bit flat in the scene in which she sees her parent’s airplance crashing. It lacked any emotional punch. This problem was highlighted by the fact that the scene was shown in every episode.

There wasn’t much chemistry between the two lead characters, and the supporting cast were pretty forgetful. The two students (one female and emotionless, the other male and goofy) were just there for comic effect, I think, because they certainly didn’t add to the storyline. Occasionally they’d appear at the scene of the crime (for no reason) just so they could ask what was going on and the writers could explain recent events for the viewer. Then we’d never hear from them again.

Then there was the silly method of showing how Professor Saikawa solved the mystery, invloving lots of different versions of himself saying random things that have happened against a sort of high-tech background which was meant to represent Saikawa’s thought processes.

In the end, this series failed in a wide variety of ways. Never quite bad enough to be unwatchable, it never met its expecations, either. The most memorable part of the whole series was the couple who appeared in episodes seven and eight of a straight guy and a transvestite man. They were really funny and interesting. Could they have a series, please?

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