Monday, 2 February 2015

Currently watching: Ghost Writer

Ah, the blank page. Every writer’s worst nightmare. This drama is about a famous novelist - Tono Risa - who, over time, finds her talent fading away. Her most recent novel has been slated by critics and her confidence has all but gone.

Into this situation comes a new assistant and aspiring writer, Kawahara Yuki, whose work has already caught the eye of someone at Tono Risa’s publishing company.

The drama is well shot, and Nakatani Miki is always worth watching. The producers have cast strong actors in the roles closest too her, too, with Mizukawa Asami as the assistant and Tanaka Tetsushi, who is excellent as the Chief Editor of Tono’s publishing company.

Since the first episode begins with the two women fighting over who has the real talent, it’s clear that the famous writer uses the unknown to prop up her own failing career, in a similar way that the real life scandal of the “Japanese Beethoven,” Samuragochi Mamoru who hired someone to write his newer pieces.

It’s also clear that, at some point, the balance of power between the two main protagonists changes. I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.


  1. Seems like Tanaka Tetsushi plays a wildly different role every time I see him. He's quite a versatile actor.

  2. You know, I keep meaning to write about those actors who you only ever see in supporting roles, but are always excellent. Never have the time, but if I did, Tanaka Tetsushi would be one of them.