Tuesday, 3 August 2010

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Goodness me, are the writers going for the record number of speeches in the space of one hour? The lasting impression I got from this was the speed in which every character's story was set up. Perhaps this is necessary to tell the story in the long term, but it did leave the first episode rather word-heavy. I think pretty much everyone got the chance to explain their feelings in some detail, which left little room for anything else.

What time there was left was given to building up the relationship between boss and mother of three gifted althetes (played by Amami Yuki) and her new secretary (Nagasawa Masami) and to establish the role in all of this of the estranged good-for-nothing husband.

So far, so complicated. No idea which way this is going to go, but I guess there'll be tears before bedtime.

Perhaps the one scene that stood out – if not for the right reasons – was when the daughter professed her love for her coach. The scene ends by cutting to Yuki watching the conversation on a TV in her office. I don't know much about security cameras, but I'm guessing those that film in colour and in widescreen are pretty rare!

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