Saturday, 14 August 2010

Currently watching: Hotaru no Hikari 2

So this comedy romance continues to be highly popular (judging by the ratings in Japan and the fact it's been translated into ten languages on Viikii) with Amemiya's troubles caused by her unrealistic ideas about love.

The first episode starts badly, as Amemiya returns from three years abroad (not looking very well, according to some people) and it seems the relationship between herself and her boss/boyfriend did not survive the long distances, and we're straight back to the beginning with them being argumentative and grumpy. I had the terrible feeling this was going to be series one all over again, but thankfully the relationship does progress, and we can all move on to the next stage.

Well, that would be too easy. A series of misunderstandings gets in the way, because after all, a lot changes in three years. The comedy part is fine, but nothing amazing, but the most interesting thing is: having watched the first three episodes I can't really tell if the two main characters will end the series as a couple. In the first series the ending could've been guessed almost immediately, but in series two the introduction of two new potential love-interests for Amemiya and Seiichi who are sympathetic and likeable makes things more unpredictable. Certainly, the "next week" montage at the end of episode three promises some dramatic revelations.

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