Friday, 10 December 2010

Currently watching: Juui Dolittle

In this drama, Oguri Shun stars as an unsocial yet brilliant vet and Inoue Mao as a someone forced to work as his assistant when she’s unable to pay his medical fees for treating her horse. The show is your usual sappy nonsense about love, family and commitment, as each week owners bring in different animals to be treated. Then, facing the possible death of a beloved pet, they reconsider their relationships to others close to them. This is very J-drama-by-numbers: the plucky-yet-drowntrodden female lead role, the cold distant male lead role, and the threat of a big institution lead by an ambitious and slightly sinister older gentleman.

So far, so unremarkable. So why is it, seven episodes in, I’m still watching? It helps that Inoue Mao is very easy on the eye, of course, but I’m also interested in the sub-plot about another vet (a friend of Dolittle’s since University) who, depsite being great at diagnostics, cannot perform surgery and so his fame as a vet on TV is built on a lie. Narimiya Hiroki (who was 'J' in Bloody Monday) gives the best performance on the show, but that could just be because he has the best story line.

Frankly, I'm not sure if it's a good thing for a drama if a sub-plot becomes more interesting than the main story but, at the moment, it's the only thing keeping me watching.

Some good acting by the animals, though...

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