Saturday, 15 January 2011

Currently watching: Running Man

This is a Korean game show which I’d often seen on the rdrsubs page (whenever someone from SNSD appears on it) and I recently got round to watching it. In this show a number of challenges are set up around a particular location for two teams of celebrities to compete against. There’s no cash prize at the end, no ultimate championship to win, just a series of silly competitions for the sheer joy of it.

For any newcomer, though, it starts slowly as each episode introduces that week’s regulars and guests. Until you know who’s who and what they’ve done in previous weeks, this bit can drag. But once the games begin, there’s no stopping it. One thing you can say about this show – the title is spot on. Challenges are mostly concerned with finding things hidden somewhere in the building, or a game where the teams must compete against each other.

Apart from the physical nature of the games, some of the banter is pretty funny too. Thankfully it’s subbed by a number of different groups (mostly iSubs) so no fluency is required. It’s energetic and frantic and a lot of fun. After watching this, next time you find yourself in a large public building, don’t be surprised if you start thinking about good places to hide a small golden pig or metal globe.

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