Monday, 4 April 2011

Just Finished: Control – Hanzai Shinri Souza

* spoilers, etc... *


So this detective story ends without ruining the promise it had built up in the episodes leading to the series final. Part ten ended with the ransom money still undiscovered, and the professor walking purposefully across a footbridge. I did have hopes that this meant his involvement in the crime wasn’t over yet. Perhaps there'd be more psychological manipulation of the psychology professor? Alas, that didn’t happen, but the way the crime was solved was still pretty entertaining.

At the very end, though, was one last case to solve, which was all wrapped up in fifteen minutes. It was the case of who murdered Segawa's father eight years ago. This is the case that made her want to be a police office in the first place, so it was a bit odd that it should be left as an epilogue that the end of the story.

However, I enjoyed this series. It certainly got better as it went along, and the last four episodes (two two-part stories) were pretty exciting. I liked the characters and the overall style of the show. There were no romantic sub-plots, no cute children, no clumsy-but-keen new members on the team. Also the storyline in the first episode of Segawa and the professor somehow being outcasts from the rest of the team was soon dropped in favour of some proper crimes to be solved.

So it started a bit average, and I was only downloading it when I had nothing better to watch, but soon it built up tension until I was actively looking forward to the next episode to be subbed. Good work.

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