Sunday, 22 May 2011

Currently watching: Asuko March

Well, I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would. Then again, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this at all, so that’s not saying much. In this series a schoolgirl (played by Takei Emi) fails her entrance exams and has to go to a technical college full of uncouth boys. So this is a typical fish-out-of-water story in which the plucky schoolgirl has to overcome many difficulties before she can be accepted. Mind you, most of these difficulties are caused by her rough, tough classmates being offended at the tiniest things and if they’d stop being so sensitive, life would go a lot smoother. But then it wouldn’t be much of a drama, I suppose.

Takei Emi is fine in the lead role, and since she’s the only female most of the time, she can’t help but draw your attention. The cast of unruly boys are okay, but nothing special in terms of acting. It’s all fairly stereotypical butch posturing, with the occasional quiet bit to make them look emotional. But no one really stands out at the moment.

It’s certainly formulaic. The moral is that bad behaviour stems from troubles in the past or in the family, while hard work is rewarding and offers redemption from your failings. But that message comes across in the first episode, so unless the rest of the series can offer some kind of story to keep me watching, I wonder how long I’m going to follow this show.

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