Saturday, 14 May 2011

Currently watching: Jin 2 and Marks no Yama

Oh my goodness! I wasn’t going to write about either of these high-quality dramas until I’d finished watching them, but they’ve both ended episodes on such exciting cliff hangers that I have to say something!

Marks no Yama is a dark, tense police drama in which a series of influential people are being killed one by one, and the only link between them is a university mountaineering club. It’s well written, well acted and steers clear of cliché (apart from the bad guy laughing over the phone as he blackmails his victims). The storyline moves at a slow pace, compared to other Japanese cop shows, but that just shows how detailed and satisfying the writing is. And now, at the end of episode 3... well, I can’t say anything without spoiling it, but I was not expecting that.

Meanwhile, Jin 2 continues on from the previous series – modern doctor is transported back to mid-1800s Japan – and it remains an exciting and cleverly-written show. It looks like the whole question about why he was sent back in time is going to be answered this series. In episode four, the doctor meets a young girl who seems to have an effect on the time-travelling medic. Later he has to operate on her, which has severe consequences for him.

These two shows are quite above anything else recently in terms of quality, and to have them both end on cliff hangers like that... well, it’s almost cruel. How am I supposed to sleep tonight?

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