Thursday, 30 June 2011

Currently watching: Japanese indie bands on YouTube

Just in case you should get the idea that I don’t listen to Japanese music in favour of bands from Korea, I thought I'd do a quick post to balance things out. While music in Japan isn’t as interesting as the Korean scene is right now (I can’t remember the last time a song I liked got into the top ten in Japan. Probably one by Bump of Chicken) there’s still a lot of good stuff out there.

I only recently found the site Sparkplugged, but it’s quickly become one of my most visited sites. Every couple of days, they post up a new music video from YouTube, with a brief introduction of the band. It couldn’t be simpler, and their taste in music is pretty top-notch. As I write, on the first page alone there are two bands who’ve already become my new favourite band(s).

Much as I enjoy clicking on videos at random, looking for a lost classic, it is nice to have someone that does it for you. And this site does it very well indeed.

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