Monday, 13 June 2011

Just watched: Jam Films

Well, you certainly get value for money. This set of short films from 2002 is packed with seven quirky and interesting stories. For something that tries to have an indie sensibility, there’s a lot of famous faces from TV dramas involved. Listing the actors who make appearances would take too long, but the directors are notable and they include Kitamura Ryuhei (Versus, Azumi), Yukisada Isao (Parade) and Iwai Shunji (All About Lily Chou Chou). And to top it all off, it’s produced by Sega!

What could go wrong?

Luckily, nothing. It looks great, and the stories are always clever and original with some twist to keep you paying attention. For example, one segment begins with what looks like a family sitting down to dinner together, until you realise that the man is holding the others hostage.

Each part has its own feel and style, and they all have something worthwhile. Because they’re so short, when most parts finish, they leave you wanting more. It’s a smart collection of vignettes, and if you fancy something a bit different from the norm, but not so different that you’re left scratching your head, then this is for you.

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