Friday, 29 July 2011

Currently Watching: Detective Conan

Or Detective Conan - Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou, to give it its full name. I was recently looking for something to watch and tried this purely based on the fansubbers: Heiwa Fansubs usually choose good shows to sub, so I gave this a try knowing nothing about it.

And, frankly, if you don’t know anything about it, the opening minutes can be pretty confusing. No characters are introduced since the programme-makers assume you’re either read the manga or seen the previous TV specials. If you're new then you just have to try and work out things for yourself.

The story follows the adventures of a schoolboy detective played by Mizobata Junpei (BOSS 2) and he’s clearly too old for the part. But this makes a change from the usual habit of J-dramas casting people who are far too young. It did add to my confusion, though, as I watched it and thought to myself "He goes to school? Has he been held back a few years?"

The murders he investigates are simple and this is actually to its advantage. After watching Bull Doctor, Zettai Reido and BOSS 2, to have a crime that happens and is solved in half an hour and all in one location is a huge relief. It has moments of comedy to lighten the way and although the crimes are a bit unlikely, the explanations are never so stupid that it ruins the episode.

I’m enjoying this, so thanks to Heiwa Fansubs for bringing it to my attention. It’s half as long but twice as good as most other detective shows right now.

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