Monday, 19 September 2011

Just finished: Bull Doctor

There was a point in the final episode when I realised that the final crime has just been solved, but there was still fifteen minutes left before the credits roll. It was then that I mentally prepared myself for a series of happy endings as the writers finished off each unresolved sub-plot, one by one, cliché by cliché.

The show wasn’t terrible, and in the end I liked the storyline about Dr Takeda’s blackmail, and the initial event that started the whole situation was believable and original. I kind of wish they’d kept that as the big storyline, but instead they went for the corrupt politician and his evil, manipulative ways.

But the show lacked any real spark. As I’ve written about before, I don’t think any of the roles were particularly well cast, the mysteries were fairly obvious to solve and the directing was as flat as a pancake. When I finally finished, I felt somewhat tired and lethargic, like I'd walked up a very boring hill and looked across a very grey landscape.

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