Friday, 21 October 2011

Currently watching: Maybe Lee Jaram Band

For a while I’ve been keeping an eye on a Korean folk-indie act called The Maybe Lee Jaram Band. I saw them first on indie2go’s YouTube channel and I found them interesting enough to search for some more of their songs. Their style is a laid back, almost lazy, kind of folky blues with catchy choruses and Lee Jaram’s strong vocals. It seems that her background in Pansori has left her well equipped to deal with Western pop songs.

The other day I found a set of videos on from a concert they did in August, and then I found this page with some photos and commentary from the same gig. I almost feel as if I’d been there! Except I don’t understand a word of the commentary, and the sound on the videos is such that if I was there, I must’ve been wearing earmuffs. But I think enough of the songs’ quality comes through regardless. There’s another video with better sound but shakier visuals here.

I’ve pretty much exhausted all the search engines in trying to find more stuff by the band. I did read a blog that talked about an album to be released last October, but I can’t find anything like that so far but I did see some footage of them in a recording studio on YouTube. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I shall keep looking for new things now and then, and I shall take pride in being one of the four people who like her page on facebook.

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