Thursday, 13 October 2011

Still watching: Hyena

I first wrote about this Korean series from 2006 almost a year ago. For most of the time since then it had disappeared from the internet, but I found it again recently and have started watching it once more. It follows the love lives of four men who are single and apparently surrounded by desirable people and ex-lovers they never got over, as they attempt to find their one true love. Or someone who’ll sleep with them that night. Whichever is easier. The fifth main character is a woman who’s fallen for one of the guys. Unfortunately, he’s hiding his true sexuality from her. Or is he hiding it from his gay friends?

The show is more silly than sexy, and it is a lot of fun watching them panic as yet another beautiful woman crosses their path. And, judging by this series, it does look as if Korea is full of beautiful women.

I’m eight episodes in, and I think the long-term stories for a couple of the characters are just starting up, but it’s hard to tell. It wouldn’t be out of character for them to do something stupid or selfish to ruin it all so they’d have to move on. It's refreshingly bawdy and saucy and doesn't take itself seriously. At least, not yet.

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