Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just finished: Bunshin

This short five-episode series based on a story by Keigo Higashino stars Nagasawa Masami as two identical women trying to discover the truth about their birth. It started well, setting up the intrigue and added some suspense with a possible murder but something happened halfway through - I'm not sure what - which made the story lose its momentum.

The story was very dryly told. I wonder if the makers were too respectful to the author. Galileo may have had a few silly gimmicks, such as the hero spontaneously writing equations on any nearby surface, but at least it was visually engaging. In Bunshin, the director tip-toed through the story almost as if he was afraid to disturb anything.

The last episode began with an explanation about how these two women could be twins despite being born in different parts of Japan a year apart, and after that it tried hard to put the two characters in some kind of danger to end the story with some excitement but it never really convinced.

Nice music, though. I especially liked the violin part to heighten the suspense. Otherwise... meh.

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