Sunday, 11 March 2012

Recommended: Children of the Tsunami

This BBC documentary tells the tale of a year since the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear incident through the words of the children it affected.

The central premise is a smart idea and very touching. The children show a resilience which is quite admirable, even though they've been through so much. They continue to face difficulties with every day issues such as using radiation detectors before they can play, and staying away from puddles.

They face these new challenges with strength and humour. And this is the main message of the documentary – that from the events of 11th March, a new generation is growing up keen to face these problems in the future. If they don't get sick from the radiation, that is. And any psychological issues are only briefly touched upon, with a reference to a brother of one of the interviewees. Perhaps a little too briefly.

It's very nicely shot. Well, you can hardly not get affecting pictures from the ghost towns and wrecked buildings along Japan's east coast. And the stories from the children and the adults gives a glimpse of the different ways that people have been affected by the tsunami. It's a very moving and thoughtful piece of television and a worthwhile addition to the list of documentaries and films on the same subject.

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