Monday, 4 June 2012

Currently listening to: nothing, really...

It's halfway through the year, so I decided to make some notes for my November the Eighth awards. All was going fine, until I got to the best album category. I could barely think of anything. Plenty of bands have released great singles, but in terms of albums, I came up blank.

In fact, at the moment, the Girls' Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo has the category all to themselves with "Twinkle". I find their retro disco swagger a lot of fun. Although, whenever I see the band name abbreviated to TTS, I always think it says TITS.

There's plenty of time for all this to change. With new albums from 2NE1 and awesome wolf-headed rock band Man With A Mission coming out later this year, I'm sure that TaeTiSeo will have some competition by November. But I was a bit surprised that this category – which is usually the one with most nominations – should be so barren. Am I missing something?


  1. In terms of albums ALBUMS?
    Go!Go!7188 released their last tour album...
    Salyu released a live version of s(o)un(d)beams

    And I like SunnyHill's The Grasshopper song, but that's not really an album. LOL

    SingerSen released her latest EP, Ghost Street. Still... Sirens is a better EP. Apparently she's releasing a full length album this year too...

    And Juanes just released his MTV Unplugged... though, not much extraordinary, he does have a couple of new arrangements for some of his songs. Check out Hoy Me Voy.

  2. Hmm, I never really got Go!Go!7188. I know they're exactly the kind of band I should like, but they never quite clicked with me. And Juanes is from the wrong continent! I am listening to music, just not from Japan.

    As I write, there are six Korean bands on my mp3 player*. Unless Japan pulls its finger out, it's going to be whitewash come November!

    * for the record: Wonder Girls, Leessang, SNSD, TaeTiSeo, 2NE1 and Raspberry Field.

  3. You didn't specify which continent xD You just said if you're missing anything...

    I wouldn't have suspected you like Wonder Girls. From the Wonder World album I only liked one track, and that ended up a cover. xD

    Like I said... I dunno about albums, i liked Nihon no Uta by Studio Apartment, but mainly because I got obsessed with the song Miss Universe. LOL I also liked the theme song in that Chiaki Kuriyama drama, Secret Spy Erika xD In reality, I've been listening to more Mandarin music than Japanese or Korean~~~ and I've been trying to catch up with my latin american music because I've been a very bad latin american!

  4. Well, I liked "Be my baby" and now "Like This", so I'm listening to more of their stuff now. I admit, there's quite a lot of track-skipping.