Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Currently watching: Ghost Mama Sousasen

This light hearted drama aims to mix family life and some police work as the ghost of a police officer can only be seen by her young son.

The show runs into problems very early. For a start, the first part of the episode is all about setting up the premise. The main character is introduced and then killed off, and then there's a five minute bit where everyone has to be sad, otherwise they'd just look callous and unfeeling. Then they have to introduce the moment where the son discovers he can see his mother, but no one else can.

Once all that's done, there's hardly any time left for the crime to be solved.

So far, it's a bit bland. The child actor can't really carry off the sad scenes. The rest of the cast work fine. But won't this just fall into the same trap as Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri? When you have a supernatural being able to solve crimes, too much time is spent trying to explain why it's taking so long to solve a crime, and not enough on solving a clever mystery.

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