Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Currently watching: Gonzo Densetsu no Keiji

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I'm about to move somewhere new.

Because I'm midway through moving house I've had no internet connection for over a week, except through my phone. So now since I'm surrounded by cardboard boxes, the sofa's gone and utorrent doesn't work any more, I thought I may as well sit down and watch something that I downloaded ages ago and never got around to watching.

This series is about a previously legendary policeman whose fallen back through the ranks down to the equipment stores. Suddenly there's a baffling motive-less murder, and he is requested to join the task force in charge of the investigation.

It's a lot of fun. The main lead (alas, as I write this, I can't go online to check his name) is all macho posturing and self-doubt, which makes for a nice mix. So far, the murder still seems far from solved (it's episode five and they've just found the murder weapon) which is fine, since it's mostly about the interaction of the police force. The old man who has to retire. The rookie who suddenly feels out of his depth.

But mostly it's about the gonzo cop who follows his intuition and finds clues that other people wouldn't. Of course, sometimes the writing is a bit convenient. By chance, he is the one assigned to question the most important suspect. But nevertheless, it's an enjoyable drama about alpha-males and their stressful lives.

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  1. hopefully you will get back to subbing Tokkan soon :)