Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just finished: Poison

And so this semi-serious murder mystery comes to an end. Bad guys are punished and good guys walk away victorious. It was an entertaining piece of drama that went from light and humorous to being quite dark in places.

This was one of those shows where you sort of wanted the bad guys to win. Most of the best bits concerned Ayabe Yuji who played the part of Matsui, the villain who brought havoc to all he met, while he watched with an unconcerned air of detachment.

Sano Shiro was great as the ultimate mastermind behind the crimes, especially since he only had two episodes to build up such an important character.

Compared to them, the actors playing the police weren't as interesting. I think Sasamoto made the same speech about her father four times during the series. But the cynical cop Chiba at least offered some light relief.

By the way, the psychological experiment mentioned about students given roles of prisoners and guards really did happen.

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