Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Not watching: Nobunaga no Chef

A chef from modern day Japan falls backwards in time to the 1500s. He loses his memory, and can't remember anything, except how to cook. And about the history he learnt at school. And other stuff too, whenever he needs to remember it.

In fact, his memory loss just seems like a convenient way for the writers to give the lead actor as few lines as possible. Tamamori Yuta does not impress in the lead role. I'm not surprised no one believes him when he says he came from the future, because he doesn't convince me either.

The drama starts badly by throwing us straight into the middle of a battle with no idea about who anyone is. Perhaps this is so the viewer is as confused as the our hero, but it means we have to sit through the fight scenes before we find out what's going on.

On the plus side, Shida Mirai is in it and she's got one of the more interesting characters to play. On the other hand, she's got some very clunky lines such as a speech about her dead family far too early in episode one. Also, she doesn't really do anything except add a few laughs and look adorable in armour.

As you'd expect from the whole timeslip business, it reminded me a lot of Jin, but instead of inventing penicillin, curing cholera and saving lives, our hero just makes really nice food. This simply isn't very dramatic.


  1. Sadly you are right about everythign you said ... sad that they waste Shida Mirai on this dorama .. she deserves better doramas to be in :)

  2. Yes, she was excellent in Himitsu, but since then she's not been getting the right roles.

  3. this drama just came to the end last week.. for me who love history, i found this drama is interesting.. looking forward for season 2 maybe since there are few questions that have not been answered ;) my new crush right now is oda nobunaga!