Sunday, 28 July 2013

Currently watching: Double Tone

This late-night mystery series has been one of the quiter successes of this season. The story is about two women who have very vivid dreams about each others lives. At first, they think nothing of them, until the people in one dream start appearing in the other women’s life. This is followed by a grim discovery which turns this drama into a mystery series.

The use of dreams in a story like this could be a disaster, with the writer using the slightly supernatural aspect to manipulate the story in unlikely ways, but it is actually very well written. The shared dream is the only strange part of the drama. Everything else is played totally straight.

The two women do what they can to investigate the mystery from their side of the story, and the way the two interact is very neat.

When I first read the synopsis, I was not impressed. I thought that two women sharing dreams was, frankly, a bit silly, but I am surprised how quickly I've accepted the surreal situation which is a real sign how good the acting, writing and directing is. I’m definitely excited about what might happen next.

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