Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Currently watching: Yowakutemo Katemasu!

While looking through an old hard drive, it occurred to me that Yasashii Jikan was made ten years ago. Back then, Ninomiya Kazunari was playing the misunderstood teenage son. Now in this series, he’s playing a grumpy teacher. How time changes us all.

I started watching Yowakutemo Katemasu because Nakuna Hara-chan reminded me how much I like Aso Kumiko, so I looked around for something else she’s been in recently. The story is about a man who becomes a teacher at the school he once went to. The school is famous for its high grades and its terrible baseball team. He decides to take over the team and convince them that, “even if they are weak, they can win.”

I've seen the first few episodes, and I though it was okay. Aso Kumiko's role is a bit marginal, but apart from that disappointment, it's a perfectly average drama about a high school sports club. Nothing special.

Although while I was watching one episode, and I was thinking I should go to bed when it finished, one of the characters suddenly burst into the scene and said “We've got a game!” I immediately forgot about sleep and thought “I have to see the next episode! I need to know what happens next!”

For that moment, at least, I was hooked.

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