Monday, 3 November 2014

Recommended: Petero no Souretsu

When the subs for this series finally came out, I wanted to sit down and write about the series so far. The trouble was, whenever I did that, new subtitles for the next episode had come out so what I wanted to say was already obsolete.

In the end, I decided to stop trying to keep up with Subie06’s prodigious output. I waited until all of the subtitles were done, and then I sat down on the next work-free day I had and watched the last six episodes in one sitting.

The story begins with a bus being hijacked in episode one, and then the rest of the series concerns these hostages attempts at making sense of this situation: who was the hijacker and what did he want?

It's an intelligent and intriguing mystery. Well acted and well written, the whole thing is put together with a great deal of care and thought. The only downside being that, because it was a sequel to a previous series, there were occasional references and flashbacks to things that occurred in the past that I didn't fully understand.

But that's the only fault in an otherwise flawless production. Like Mitani Kouki at his best, this series took one idea, one crime, and fully explored the consequence, as well as expertly including aspects of office life into the story. Unmissable.


  1. Thanks for the review

  2. Where did you find subs for this and do you know what the name of the follow up drama will be and when it might be made? Thanks very much

    1. I got the subs from (which seems to be down at the moment). I'm afraid I don't know anything about a sequel, but I'm glad to hear there might be one.