Friday, 21 August 2015

Currently subbing: Furuhata Ninzaburo 3

Not so long ago, I found some English subtitles for the third series of this detective series. Since it’s one of my favourite J-dramas (if not my actual favourite) I was very happy and quickly downloaded them, only to find some of the worst subs I’d ever seen.

I decided to put them right, thinking it wouldn’t take long, except that they were often so bad that I had to ignore them completely. Luckily, I found some Japanese subtitles to help me. And, also, I needed to change the timings as some of these subs whipped by in under two seconds.

But hopefully this will help us to enjoy the final season of this great show.


As mentioned in the comments, the raws can be found here:


  1. is there any chance you can release a version of your sub for the 1st episode here:

    which is not in two parts and is where I suspect many will obtain the RAW for this...thanks if possible

    1. actually, ignore this, your subs work perfectly with this version, I should have opened the folder first and seen that it is indeed in two parts...sorry...and thank you for undertaking this

    2. That's a relief. I think there must be a 45 minutes version of episode one out there, because the japanese subs are only 45 long. As long as the hour-long version is the most common, then I'm happy.

  2. Hi there.
    Thank you so much for subbing this!
    I love mystery doramas and Furuhata is one of the best that Japan has to offer. I had finished season 1 and am currently searching for season 2.
    So it's nice to hear that someone has already taken the task of subbing the next one.
    Arigatou. Gokurosama

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for introducing me to Furuhata Ninzaburo through your blog posts and also for subbing the final season.

    I remember spending sleepless nights watching seasons 1&2. Never thought older J-Drama could be this good!

  4. Hi, is there any chance to find subtitles for special episodes?

    1. I don't know of any.

      Someone has told me they can get me raws and j-subs for some of the special episodes, and if they can then I'll sub those too.

    2. All raws for special with japanese subs can be found at

      It would be great if you sub them :)