Saturday, 8 August 2015

Currently watching: Tamiou

Body-swap comedies are pretty common on Japanese TV. It seems that writers and producers never tire of this particular storyline where a parent swaps places with their child, and all kinds of hilarious misunderstandings unfold.

Despite my lack of love for the body-swap format (notable exception being the drama Himitsu) I decided to watch it because I like Endo Kenichi and Suda Masaki, who play the father and son (the Prime Minister and his half-wit child) respectively.

There are no English subs at the moment, so I ploughed through with Japanese subs, pausing every now and again to check definitions. But before long, I found I was caught up in the drama, not wanting to pause it because I was keen to see what happened next. The set-up may be predictable but the performances of the two lead actors are great and help to push the story along.

According to this thread, dheka will be providing English subs as and when possible, which is great news.

EDIT: the English subs now have a thread on d-addicts.

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