Friday, 19 February 2010

Avoid: Remote

I'm saying too many nice things. So to redress the balance, here's an unlovable show that I tried soon after I watched the first Liar Game and wanted something a bit similar.

Remote is a crime thriller in which a traffic warden is promoted to a position that no one ever stays at for too long – specifically: working with a detective genius who refuses to leave his cellar and communicates through the phone.

The traffic warden is girly and emotional, perhaps to contrast from the cool, detached detective. In the event, she ends up looking daffy and ineffectual, while he has all the charisma of a sack of potatoes. It's hard to feel any sympathy for a detective who tells the police woman to calm down while she stumbles through a dingy warehouse, while he can barely make it out of his room. His brooding silences are supposed to indicate some deep troubled past, but only make him look tongue-tied and dumb.

I'll be honest I only watched one and a half episodes, so there's a chance that it gets better after a while, but face it, food poisoning gets better after a while – doesn't mean you shouldn't avoid it in the first place.

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