Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just finished: Bloody Monday

So, just in time for the second series to begin (part one already subbed and up on Silent Regrets – fast work!), I watch the end of the first. Entertaining enough, and the false finale of episode nine was a good way to set up the last two episodes.

The fact that I knew there was a second series did kind of dampen any tension as you can guess that most of the main cast make it through to the final credits in one piece. Plus, I think the terrorists spent more time killing each other than they did the police which was a convenient way of making them appear threatening without losing too many of the main characters.

Overall, it was enjoyable. Darker than your average piece of J-drama, and it kept on at a decent pace throughout. Sometimes you could be thinking the fast narrative was a way to paper over some of the more flimsy plot points but that’s overly cynical. It is, after all, meant to be a rollercoaster ride through a tale of subterfuge and lies. It never gets too close to any social commentary. Well, apart from the idea that the Japanese masses are socially inept drones and, as such, expendable. I know I’m not supposed to take that seriously, but I’ve seen it used as a plot point quite a few times now, I wonder if some writers out there mean it.

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