Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I am success

Wow, has it really been a week since I last posted? Since then I've been to and come back from Tokyo, where I found a second hand (but pristine) Camouflage for around seventy five pounds. I can't see it getting any cheaper than that.

And I went to Akihabara, as if the rest of Tokyo wasn't enough of a sensory overload, and found the little shrine that they use in episode one of Akihabara@Deep.

But perhaps most surprising of all was when I was sitting in a park, when I realised that a reflection of a crane in a building looked like Godzilla!


  1. *jealous*
    are there any extras on the DVD?

    And... it's Godzilla!!

    ... and, congratulations! Aoi Yu is one of your most used tags xD

  2. There's a fifth DVD with a forty minute "making of" which I haven't watched yet. I'm still watching the dramas and being amazed how clear it all is.

    And I keep looking at that photo and thinking "maybe there was a big red and white iron monster sculpture nearby, but I didn't see it"

    And thanks for the congrats. It was easy, really.