Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just finished: Untouchable

Well, that was an odd ending. Not surreal or unexpected, but just… odd. It was as if the series had put so much effort into creating a convoluted storyline, the writers wanted to explain every last detail before the series ended. As such, the last episode was mostly people explained what had happened rather than anything actually happening.

The storyline follows a similar template to One Missed Call – ambitious journalist gets demoted to a trashy magazine only to stumble upon a huge storyline that puts her life (and the lives of others) at risk. Although One Missed Call is clearly a horror from the start, Untouchable begins in a lighthearted way and turns darker as the episodes tick by.

Apparently it was a bit of a rating’s flop in Japan, and it’s difficult to see why. Certainly in the first few programmes, the mix of Nakama Yukie, amateur detective work and mysterious secrets give it a very "Trick"ish feel, and that was a big old success.

Having said that, something odd happened while I was watching this. At the start, I was happy to plough through the episodes at a rate of one every couple of days, but as time went on, my enthusiasm waned such that it was a couple of weeks before I got round to watching the final part.

Which makes forming any opinion on this a bit awkward. While there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s something missing to really keep you going until the end. While I recommend it, especially if you liked Trick (I really must get round to writing about that one day), I can’t guarantee it’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

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