Friday, 14 May 2010

Currently watching: Zettai Reido and Bloody Monday 2

Wahey! Someone’s subbing Zettai Reido! I was a bit worried about having all the episodes without any way of understanding what was going on. But recently soft subs came out, so problem solved.

This drama follows a division of the police force as they crack cases that occurred years ago. Aya Ueto plays the new member of the team, and so far, that’s about it. One episode in and the only other character to be given any depth is Yamaguchi Sayaka's (Shimokita Sundays, Zettai Kareshi), who plays a former profiler turned detective. There have already been suggestions that her career contains some devastating failure that caused her to change jobs. No one else has had more than a brief introduction such that you can identify them as the wise old one, the computer whiz kid and the boss.

Watching this gives quite a strong sense of déjà vu. It bares some similarities with Boss concerning profiling and a love for new (possibly fictitious) crime-solving methods involving technology. Not a problem in itself, but the fact that the cases are several years old does leave the show with a certain lack of urgency. Plus, it’s difficult for new evidence to be found without it looking very lucky and/or convenient. In the first episode, the killer filmed part of the murder and put it on his laptop, which was then sold to someone who recovered the deleted file, and… well, it goes on. This may need a few episodes to get going.

On the other hand, taking barely five minutes to get going is Bloody Monday 2. Two years have passed since the unsuccessful attempt to attack Tokyo and, while our former heroes are trying to lead normal lives, nefarious deeds are being played out that bring them all back together. I’m still miles behind – only just seen episode one, which is good enough to be a film in its own right. They can't keep this up, can they? Either way, I have high hopes for this.

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