Saturday, 8 May 2010

From Merry Christmas to Happy Birthday

Between the general election and the new series of Doctor Who, the amount of Japanese TV I've been watching recently has dropped a bit, but I was aware enough to notice that Bump of Chicken released two singles in April, both of which are getting heavy rotation on my mp3 player.

Judging by Wikipedia (my Japanese isn't good enough to work out what he's singing about for myself) the lead singer/songwriter is a bit obsessed by turning 30 years old as the first single, "Happy" has the refrain "Happy Birthday" while the second single is about the thirty year old him giving advice to his twenty year old self. Pity that he hasn't advised himself to not give one of his albums an unpronouncable name (Yggdrasil? I mean, really.)

But the music's great, and after a fallow period of not liking music much I find myself rocking along to this, Veltpunch and Greeeen, as well as an American band sneaking in, The Winter Sounds.

Mmm, music.

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