Friday, 7 May 2010

Just watched: Koi no Mon

After "Ashita no, Kita Yoshio", I started looking around for other shows involving the same actors and found this surreal comedy from 2005. Starring Ryuuhei Matsuda as a drop-out manga artist with some odd ideas about manga and rocks, and Wakana Sakai as a cosplaying manga drawing admin assistant. They meet, fall in love, and stumble through a series of unlikely situations before the credits finally roll. That's more or less the closest this film gets to a storyline.

It's Sakai who steals the show, though. While Matsuda is likeable as the Dylan Moran-esque mumbling buffoon, Sakai is either perfect for her role or a great undiscovered talent. Undiscovered by me, that is. She's done stuff apart from this, including an episode of Lost Time Life (one which, sadly, I don't have). Undeniably cute, she sets about the role with great energy yet also with some subtlety so it doesn't become overbearing.

The film relies on the two main actors to hold your interest as without them, the series of odd things happening to odd people in odd ways could run out of steam before too long. And perhaps this film is a bit too long, as every scene is ultimately disposable and you may find yourself wondering why certain things made it past the final cut. But in the end, it's more hit than miss and an enjoyable diversion while it lasts.

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