Saturday, 1 December 2012

Currently watching: Hitori Shizuka

This crime series begins with a low-level gang-related shooting and quickly expands into something more sinister. It revolves around a woman seen at the scene of the crime who is suspected of finishing off the already wounded victim. Who is she and what was her motive is the drama's main story.

However, the story focuses on people at the margins of the investigation. The first episode follows an ordinary uniformed policeman whose efforts are barely noticed by the detectives in charge. Part two is about a safety officer – someone who advises members of the public on crime prevention. His investigation stumbles upon the missing woman, but since he has no knowledge of the earlier investigation she slips away at the end and we're only a little wiser about her history.

It's a great drama so far. Certainly, turning attention away from the leading detectives and towards the less important members has given the story a new point of view, and allows the drama to explore some new ways of telling what might otherwise be just another murder mystery.


  1. Only saw ep 1 yet. It seems very interesting! From the comments I've read till now it stays good till the end : )

  2. Taking the story away from the alpha-male detectives in charge and moving it to people at the edge of the investigation is a masterstroke. It's given the story a whole new angle.