Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recommended: Hitori Shizuka

Well, all credit to the makers of this drama: they didn't just give us the easy ending. Halfway through the final episode is a fifteen year jump, with none of the usual visual clues to indicate it. This can make for a very confusing few minutes, as I assumed that events in one scene happened soon after the events in the previous scene.

Once I'd worked out the woman in her twenties was the same person as the girl from earlier, I then had to work out how the story must've progressed since we last saw them. Again, the drama made no concessions. Instead it just showed us the eventual consequences of those events, with no context. Although it's hard to follow, this is better than flashbacks, or scenes in which people give long speeches explaining what happened.

So, in conclusion, the method of telling this story has been excellent. From the writing to the directing, this has been a quite unique and beautiful piece of work and is head and shoulders above a lot of other dramas out there.

A very fine piece of television.


  1. I would also recommend the show.
    For me, that 15 year gap was not hard to follow but this other protagonist was so mellow as compared to Shizuka. Not that Shizuka is an active, participating shujinkou. The trail she leaves behind and the police follow, how she deceives so naturally - that is so fun to see.

  2. I also really liked the show and do recommend it!
    What really bothered me, more so then the 15 year jump, was the fact that they didn't really explain why she killed the people in the first and second episode. I thought episode 6 would be to sum everything up and explain her motives, but it didn't. I have a lot of unanswered questions. Still, It was very well presented and kept me watching.
    I wonder why it was called 'Hitori' Shizuka though?