Saturday, 2 March 2013

Currently watching: xxxHOLIC

Well, I can't honestly say I really understand what's going on here. A boy can see ghosts, and he's not too happy about it. He stumbles upon (or is summoned to) a strange house where a woman can grant people wishes, in exchange for payment in kind. Whatever that may be.

That's how it begins, but how it continues is anyone's guess. The first episode as just a brief morality play: lying is bad, and it would be a terrible shame if the rest of the series was like that.

It's shot in a sort of David Lynch style, with very deep reds and a lot of shallow focus. It looks great, and kudos should go to the production team for their work. The cast is strong, headed by Anne (Youkai Ningen Bem) and Shouta Sometani (Himizu) and there's very little wrong with this show.

The only doubt I have is that it's quite easy to start a drama with lots of mysteries and questions, but much harder to end it with answers and solutions that make any sense. Still, it looks so nice and has so much promise that I'll certainly keep watching.


  1. Você tem o link desse filme?

  2. I download it from d-addicts (link on the right, under "Sources"). If you want direct download, try googling "Dorama x264" and maybe they'll have it.