Sunday, 17 March 2013

Recommended: Trick

Finally, I get round to writing about this TV series. I've recently started watching the first series again just before I go to bed, and it's perfect late night entertainment.

It was first broadcast in the year 2000, and it shows. Not in the fashion or style of directing, but in the quality of the picture. There are probably much better versions on the internet out there, but somehow I like the VHS rip. It somehow adds to the feeling of watching something other-worldly and distant.

The story itself is about a stage magician whose father died in mysterious circumstances. She is recruited by a university professor to investigate apparent supernatural crimes. Each time getting into more danger and, seemingly, getting closer to the truth about her father.

I remember, years ago, this was one of the first Japanese dramas I watched, how strange it all seemed. Not just the storylines, but the style of comedy, the soundtrack and the directing. They really set it apart from anything else I'd seen before then. In fact, I can remember being unsure if I liked it at first. But I'm glad I stuck with it.

The stories are clever and some are genuinely quite chilling, despite all the jokes. And the plot about her father that runs through the series is an excellent way to keep the viewer interested. The first series, especially, is an entertaining and fascinating piece of television.

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